Kids Connection

Our vision is that all children connect with God and other children in a setting clean and fun setting. Our desire is for them to understand how special they are to God, their family, society and the church. At Kids Connection we want our children to be a good influence to their friends and family.

Sundays 11:15am

Ready4Life Youth Ministries

We want the youth to connect with God emotionally, spiritually and socially. Assist them in the transition period of adolescense believing that connected with God the youth will have a fruitful and successful life. We want the youth to connect with God for the purpose of which they were created, so that they may connect with their friends and reach them for the Lord as well and that its known that God's plan for them is greater than whatever the world has to offer.

A generation that is ready for life!

Fridays 7:00pm

ICC Young Adults

Young Adults with a purpose, full of life and with a desire to serve. Every week this group meets to worship, prepare and march on in life fulfilling God's will

Fridays 7:30pm

Among women

Welcome to our church's womens group. We are thinking of you. Every yeah we have activities especially desgined for women and we regularly meet to encourage each other and grow in the Lord.

Fridays 7:30pm

Men of Steel

Our Men's group wants to invite you to be the instrument that God desgiend for your family, church and society. We love God above all things; we don't give up. We have a compassionate and tender heart. We are ready to serve, always willing and useful.

KC Girls

KC Girls is a program to connect every girl with God and His purpose for them. We want the girls to discover their gifts, abilities and know that they're special and unique, loved by God and part of God's plan all in an enviroment especially created form them.

Royal Rangers

Connect every boy with his masculinity molding their character. That each one knows their area of leadership and service. Develop abilities in the spiritual, emotional, physical, social and intellectual.


(Evangelism Mercy Seeking) We exist for others. At E.M.S there is a very important word: "people". Join us to love and help our comunity through evangelism, mercy and seeking to grow our faith.